After the first 2 weeks of rehearsals, photographer Carsten Beier joined us at Tenza Schmiede to capture our work in progress. Enjoy the snaps and see you at the premiere on the 21.06.2021 in Chemnitz!

Once upon a time (Es war einmal) is a dance piece influenced by the nature of street performances, co-choreographed by Alexander Miller & Maria Chiara de’ Nobili in collaboration with a multidisciplinary cast of hip hop, breaking, and contemporary dancers. By molding the different aesthetics and setting a joyful and playful atmosphere, once upon a time, aims to portray a world that is meant to detach from the reality we live in, by uplifting its audience. By connecting a set of pre-existing fairy tales to the personal real experiences and backgrounds of the performers, we aim to challenge the border between real and imaginary.

Choreography: MILLER / DE’ NOBILI
Dancers: Odbayar Batsuuri, Philip Lehmann, Nam Tran Xuan
Premiere: 21.06.2021 – 5PM, Rosenhof, Chemnitz
Commissioned by TANZ | MODERNE | TANZ Festival
Supported by: TENZA Schmiede

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