Residency Showing: There was still Time

Schloss Bröllin | 13.07.24 - 6pm | More Infos

„There Was Still Time“ is a full-length duo and contemporary dance theatre production inspired by Samuel Beckett’s „Waiting for Godot“. The piece explores the concept of existentialism and its relevance in today’s society. Through a combination of breaking, urban and contemporary dance, and acting techniques, dancers Nam Tran Xuan and Alessandro Ottaviani embody the central theme of waiting in a modern context. They reflect on the complexity of contemporary life, the illusion of change and the perpetual hope. The duo will create a full-length work that addresses the deep existential questions of humanity and transcends cultural and social boundaries.

Press review

“Verstörend, bedrückend und genau deshalb direkt im Kopf des Publikums: Das pyhsical theatre des Dresdner Choreografen-Duos konfrontiert mit den Alpträumen des Alltags.” – Rico Stehfest

Exploring Dreams at the Centro Coreográfico Canal in Madrid

We are currently engaged in intensive research at Madrid’s esteemed Centro Coreográfico Canal, exploring the intriguing world of dreams. This marks our second residency, following our initial residency at Agora de la Danse in Montpellier. It’s a crucial stage in creating our upcoming full-length evening work, “Labyrinth,” set to premiere on March 28, 2024, at […]

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