Clouds for Tomorrow

"Clouds for tomorrow” is a short dance piece created by the Dresden-based company Miller / de’ Nobili. The piece aims to play with the fantasy of its audience by establishing mysterious characters with original physicalities while keeping the content open for imaginary interpretations. For us, “clouds for tomorrow” focuses on the story of two misfits, on their wish to belong, and on their identity within the social structure they live in. On the verge between control and uncontrolled, they are looking for their own place into our world. During their journey they help each other, fighting against an unpredictable future.


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Cast & Credits

Premiere: 22.+23.04.2022 as part of ATELIER No. 66 at PACT 
Choreography: Maria Chiara de' Nobili & Alexander Miller in collaboration with the dancers
Dance: Giulia Russo, Nam Tran Xuan
Composition: Gábor Halász
Light Design: Geohwan Ju
Camera: Alexander Miller

Production & Funding

Special thanks to: LOFFT – DAS THEATER,
TENZA Schmiede,
Patrick Schwarz